Gdansk, Poland

I visited Gdansk twice.  Once on a 20 hour lay-over, and the second time for 2 days.  I loved this city.  The prices on food are very cheap.  Especially compared to Iceland, which is where I was headed on the first layover.  The downtown area is historic.  There a lot of churches, statues, and fountains.  I had a great time walking about taking photos, having a beer, and just enjoying the city.  I stayed in a great room I found on Airbnb.  It was modern, minimalist, new and affordable.  The host Artur, picked me up from the airport.  That was a great added benifit.  He also had a beer waiting on me in the room.  Poland has some great beer, if you are into that sort of thing… The vodka is great as well.  It is a good way to not freeze to death while walking outside.. So I hear..  I came to Europe during the off-season to find winter weather.  Well.. I found it in droves!  -10 C so around 16 F.  I figured I would update the blog while I wait on my next flight to Belfast.  Stay on the look out for updates of my travels! Matt, the traveling anthropologist.

Scotland Part 1

I was exhausted when I finally arrived in Edinburgh. There is something about flying from daylight, through the dark, and back into daylight that really takes it out of a person. I met up with my friends Dave and Tracy at the airport parking garage. They whisked me away from EDI and onto St Andrews. They put me up in their lovely home for the next few days. I had an amazing time with them. We went to see a few castles, The cathedral in St Andrews, and a Pict’s site that was below a church outside of St Andrews. They also took my by the Old Course so I could take a couple photos for my brothers back in the States. I can not thank Tracy and Dave enough for their hospitality and knowledge of cool things to see in St Andrews and Scotland in general.

Returning to Belize.

I am headed back to Belize to check on a work permit, visas, and other important things in preparation for a business venture.  Well that is what I am telling myself, because really who needs a reason to go to Belize?  The people, the vistas, the food, the archaeology are all amazing.  Stay tuned as I will keep you posted.