Belize wrap-up.


I have spent 14 days in Belize. Between riding busses to the Mexico border, the water taxi out to Ambergris Caye, and just walking all over Belize City I must say I love the place.

Long term staying in Belize is cheaper than most places. It is also an English-speaking country in Central America. There are several cons to Belize, just as anywhere else in the world. For example, cell phone service is okay, but you must use Digicell. Google’s Project Fi does not work here. I heard from other Americans that AT&T and Verizon do if you pay the extra for international service.

Vehicles are EXPENSIVE. Belize charges a 60% import fee for vehicles. Yes, you read that correctly. They of course wave this fee for qualified retired persons. Parts for vehicles are not easy to come by. It is not like the states where there are parts stores all over.  Then there are rogue owls that will smack you while you are eating.. This of course may have been an isolated incident.

My experience with the internet was not that great, but I am not certain if that was just the cheapest plan that the company offered or what. I could live in Belize. You can get a 1 bedroom apartment inland for less than 150 US a month. So, long term living is inexpensive. Property is cheap depending on the area. If you are wanting to live where a lot of Americans live, it is expensive. If not, then it is cheap.

Now for what I consider to be the best part, the amazing archaeological sites this country offers.  I am seriously contemplating moving to Belize.  The main reason for this would be the sites.  I want to offer tours and share my love of archaeology to the masses.  Well up to 4 people at a time most likely.  You get the point.  I was also told by a magistrate that NICH is always looking for qualified people.  That is the National Institute of Culture and History of Belize.  You can find their site at if you are interested in looking around.

Belize is a place I could see myself spending the rest of my life.  I would still have to travel, yet, the area is full of sites and places to see.  I have some serious thinking to do.